Safe Ride Program

saferideThe Oconto County Tavern League formed a safe-ride program in early 2010. The Tavern League of Wisconsin survey of members revealed the number of rides given in the 2009 – 2010 reporting period was 62,358, an increase of 8,499 over the previous year. The Tavern League of Wisconsin, in conjunction with
the Wisconsin Department of Transportation administers the program that provides free rides home to patrons who may feel impaired.

The cost to run the program this year was over $610,000. These monies are provided by a surcharge on all OWI convictions and through the fundraising efforts of local Tavern Leagues. “Our people work hard and volunteer their time to raise money to operate a SafeRide Program. We acknowledge and appreciate their efforts.” said Rob Swearingen, Tavern League of Wisconsin President.

Fifty counties currently provide a SafeRide Program to participating member’s customers. Members of the Tavern League of Wisconsin truly are “Friends and Neighbors Helping Friends and Neighbors”.